About Me

I’m Lana and this is my take on the best way to buy the right appliances and accessories for your home, based on your taste, budget and functional living needs. I’m a self-prescribed shopaholic, especially when it comes to home goods. I never get sick of shopping for accent pillows, lamps, appliances, mirrors, paintings, furnishings and anything that “fills” a home. I honestly wish my full time job was home shopping for people (alas, I’m a bookkeeper by day). So since I can’t make a living purchasing home items for other people, this blog is the next best thing. Here I share my perspective on what you need to consider before you start buying up decor, accessories and major appliances. From your overall style and metallic preferences to the way you live in your home (prefer to do dishes by hand? Never sit down without a pillow behind your back?), I’ll help you make wiser buying decisions based on what your day to day reality actually looks like.